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Theodorus Clarence

Photo of me

Hello! I'm Clarence. I started learning web development in May 2020, which is the start of the pandemic. I have nothing much to do so I decided to learn web development from a udemy course, then started watching a bunch of youtube videos to explore more about web development especially frontend development.

There are a lot of things and technologies to learn in frontend development and I am motivated to learn as much as possible. I enjoy learning something new and getting feedback to make myself better and improve.

In this website I will be writing some blogs and showcase my projects. I believe that writing what I have learned is the best way to remember things, and I can share my knowledge along the way. So do contact me and I will be very happy to help!

Current Favorite Tech Stack


Do contact me if you need my opinion about web development, especially frontend works. I’ll be happy to help! (find my email in the footer)