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StudentsxCEOs League

StudentsxCEOs League

This website is used to promote StudentsxCEOs League, and provide form to register.

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Team of 6, as the project leader

Short Explanation

StudentsxCEOs League website was made to promote the event and provide registration solutions using Typeform. We developed this website using Next.js and Tailwindcss

Project Goals

This project objective is to give information and guide the user to register for the pre-event, challenges, and conference through Typeform. This website is used to attract as much visitor as possible and give them information and knowledge about this event.

Tech Stack Used

This project was made using Next.js and Tailwindcss. For a static site, I tend to use Next.js and Tailwindcss for a better Developer Experience and faster loading speed. Using Next.js also makes data management easier by storing all of the data in the js file, then map it out on the page. With this structure, it is very easy to add or change something because we only need to change the data the markup will follow.

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Web Screenshot
Web Screenshot


'Linktree-like' page

In this website, we implement a page for linktree-like buttons so the user that is get redirected from the Instagram can get easier access to the page and socials


The Problems and How I Deal With It

There is a lot of complex layout in this project, especially because in this design there is a lot of objects that are absolutely-positioned, and we need to think of a strategy to make it work both on mobile and desktop.

I also lead this project and helped on designing and developing the overall site, designing this was challenging because we want to achieve a design that represents the Graphic Standard Model

Lessons Learned

This is the first project that I had with some team members in their own expertise such as UI Designers and Developer. I keep track of everything in notion app and assign the task on that app. It is really fun working with a lot of people and try bunch of new ideas and communicate our differences

I also learned a lot about developing a website with a bunch of floating illustrations and absolutely-positioned elements. I usually avoid making designs with illustrations that are absolutely-positioned, but this project has been a lot of fun to develop.